Easy to Make Website Forms and an Integrated Customer Database

Built-in CRM database comes integrated with all of our web form, eCommerce, membership and content management features, enabling you to better service your customers - all without coding or configuration.

Drag and Drop Webform Builder

Creat Webforms faster. No matter what Webform you want to build, we make it easy. From basic contact forms through to surveys, donations and newsletter signups. Simply select the fields you'd like to capture, then drag and drop to arrange their order.

Effortlessly Capture Leads, with Real-Time Data

Record data collected on online store orders, blog comments, forum posts, contact forms, email newsletter engagement, and more. Every customer action is automatically captured in your CRM database and linked to the customer's unique contact record – meaning you can filter, search, and manage leads with just a few clicks.

Manage Data Centrally

Save time and simplify your workflow by managing your customer contact details, past web form submissions, eCommerce orders, secure zone subscriptions, email subscriptions and more centrally through your Admin Console.

Automate Everything

Get back to customers faster with an automated business processes. Build multi-step workflows and get notified of new web form submissions or orders, then verify steps as they are completed, or remind and task to management if needed.

Customer Reports Made Easy

Generate and exports report using our flexible report generator. Create detailed customer reports on defined criteria, and easily export data in a variety of formats for analysis offline.