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Top 6 Ways to Use Instagram to Enhance Your Business

LPC Admin - Monday, January 19, 2015

It has been quite some time since social media has been playing important roles in the field of business. If you own a business these days and exclude social media from your online marketing endeavors, it is close to suicidal. So, several companies have been using social media to take their businesses to greater heights. [Source:]

Over the years, different types of social media platforms have been established. Many of them have helped companies stay relevant in this competitive world. But there’s more to it. New social media platforms have emerged and people are making full use of them to enhance their marketing prospects.

One such platform, Instagram, has gained prominence as a great place to share images. But not only that. Instagram is also playing a major role in helping enhance the social media marketing for your business.

You can use Instagram just the way you wish for your business. But remember to add a bit of creativity to it and you are sure to experience better results.

Here’s a quick look at how you can use Instagram in a creative manner to enhance your business prospects.

Share Images Prudently

What are you planning to use Instagram for? Do you want to sell some products through this platform?

Then the first thing that you should do is share the images of the products that you want to sell. No one would be ready to purchase things that they haven’t seen. When you are selling stuff online, you might not be able to show the real product. But visual is important on social media platforms like Instagram as well. So, post the images of those products to enhance the chances of it being sold. Moreover, you should also look to share pictures with which your target audience will be able to relate. This surely has a major positive impact on the purchasing decision of the potential customer.

Add Relevant and Popular Hashtags

What are the popular hashtags at the moment? You might not be aware of them. But search on Google and you will get a list of them. For example, some of the most used hashtags include:

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #me
  • #like
  • #follow

Use some of these hashtags to organize the images that you are sharing on Instagram. The right hashtags can help the images that you are sharing to get maximum views. You can use around two or three hashtags for each image. However, don’t go for too many hashtags. And as you add them, make sure that you are choosing hashtags, which are relevant to the image you have shared. Otherwise it will make people consider your image to be spams.

Follow People So that They Follow You

Until and unless people follow you, the images that you are sharing won’t be seen by many. So, try to increase your number of followers on Instagram. While doing this, you need to remember that the process of following on the world of social media is a reciprocal process. So, the best thing you can do to increase your number of followers is follow others. And, in addition, you need to be quite active on Instagram. You should post photos on a regular basis to ensure that people subscribe to your updates. However, do not post too frequently, as it can make your posts appear to be like spams.

Increase Popularity by Hosting Contests

Holding contests is regarded by experts as one of the best ways to attract the attention of your potential target audience. Quite a few brands have used contests on Instagram to become popular. And it’s not that difficult to set up a contest as well. All you need are a few good images and attractive captions to spread the world about the contest. Announcement about the prize may help to make it popular.

When you are holding the content, make sure you use the hashtag #contest whenever you are writing about it. This will help your content to be more visible and people will find it easily.

Have a Complete Profile

Your bio is one of the most important parts of your Instagram profile. Through this, people will come to know about you and decide whether they will follow you or not. The bio should have different things in it:

  • Web links
  • Call-to-action
  • Branded hashtags

So, this is likely to play a major role in helping people find your post on Instagram. Hence, it is extremely important that your bio on Instagram is a properly completed one.

Ask Questions in Image Captions

On Instagram, all you can do is post images. So, the best you can make out of them is to make them popular. And an easy way to measure this popularity is to check the user engagement in it. You should have an eye on the likes and the comments that the photo receives.

So, what kind of caption can help you in get them?

It has been noticed that questions in photo captions can be the best way to engage the viewers there. So, ask questions to ensure people feel more engaged to it.

With time, Instagram is turning out to be an excellent platform for marketing your business. All you need to do is use it in a proper way to boost your sales and, in turn, increase profit.

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