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Should You Send Auto-DM to Everyone Who Begins to Following You?

- Wednesday, March 12, 2014

With the amount of following and unfollowing that goes on within the twitter-sphere it can be a little overwhelming to keep track of all new follows and their potential leads. It used to be common practice to send auto generated DM (direct message) people the instant you were able to (when you both followed each other). However, now these DM’s look a lot like spam, and for good reason; all those millions of unwanted DM’s basically ARE spam. This begs the question, should we stop using auto generated DM on twitter or are they still a powerful marketing tool that cannot be ignored?

Just like any question that has anything to do about social media, there are going to be supporters for both sides. Here is my breakdown of just how annoying and useful those auto generated twitter messages can be.

First, what exactly is an auto generated DM on twitter? There are software or web apps that you can use that will send everyone that begins to follow you a direct message (after you’ve auto-followed them back). Those who use these apps will setup their Twitter account to send a direct message with a generic message asking their followers to visit their website or to buy their product.

The Cons:  The problem with this is that most people view this as spam.  As a result, the click-through ratio on the links in these DM’s are very low and it prevents people from building a relationship with you.

The Pros:  You DO have a connection with potential new customers. Your name, picture and a brief message will, at some point (unless if they never delete ANY of their messages), be in front of their eyes. This opportunity, however big or small, is still an opportunity and therefore there is a chance that you gain new customers from this method.

The solution:  Don’t auto-send a DM to anyone on Twitter.  Build relationships with people first to find out what their needs are.  Then if you think your website or product is going to be helpful, go ahead and share it with others in a more personalized manner.

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