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Tips for a Great Google Plus Profile

- Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Whether you’re new to Google Plus or a bit more of a veteran, it is important to have an awesome profile set up. Many, however, aren’t really sure what they should have on their profile or how to best set it up. Here, I want to help you fix that with my tips to create a great Google Plus profile. [Source:]

To clarify any confusion, this post is related to personal profiles not brand pages. Although similar, there are differences between the two. More

Please STOP Linking Your Social Media Sites

- Friday, May 23, 2014

I realize that in social media there are few set rules. Everyone has their own perceptions of what is right and what is wrong. So when it comes to linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts, or your Instagram and Facebook accounts, some people say “Yes!” while others scream “No!”. If the title didn’t give it away, I’m one of the latter category. While I don’t propose this post to be a rant, per se, here are my thoughts…[Source:]

6 CEO Productivity Tips to Steal for Yourself

Mark Anderson - Monday, April 21, 2014

Stop telling yourself that you WOULD get that next promotion IF ONLY you could be a little more productive. Take these six tips, found on Mashable, and run with it...all the way to productivity-land. Yes, that place does exist; you'll soon find out.

Everyone knows that leading a company is one of the toughest gigs around. Whether running a small business or a multi-national corporation, CEOs have to manage time, resources, and multiple demands while finding the time and head space to make decisions and plot strategies that will determine the course of their business. More

8 Ways To Create a Winning Instagram Profile

Marion Michele Brown - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

With Instagram continuous growth of users, it's obvious that if your online and want to compete online, you've got to have a great Instagram profile. So, how is it done? Is there a magic wand that waves over a few select profiles that makes follows increase by 100%? No, not even close. These eight tips from Social Media Examiner is a great start to help you build your fan base on Instagram.

#1: Use High-Resolution Photos
Striking visual content grabs the attention of potential buyers, and it’s the most important factor in fan engagement on Instagram for brands like Zappos.

zappos instagram profile
High-resolution photos are more likely to catch someone’s eye. More

The Difference Between Follow Links and No Follow Links

Mark Anderson - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Those new to SEO might be wondering what all the hullabaloo is about follow links vs. no follow links. Confused? Not to worry, we’re going to clear it all up. [source:]

What is a Follow Link?

To really understand what is going on with follow vs. no follow links, we need to provide a bit of background about how links work in the realm of SEO. When a site page gets an inbound link, which is a hyperlink pointing to that page, the page gets a small SEO boost. Think of a link as a point, and the more links you have, the more points. More Points = Winning, like Charlie Sheen. More

3 Methods to Help You Rethink Your Content Strategy

Mark Anderson - Friday, March 28, 2014

This excellent post from goes over us three classic marketing methods that you may have forgotten about in this new age of instant social media.

Reactive content creation is creating content for creation’s sake, feeding off whatever is trending at any given moment.

Through newsjacking and trend manipulation, reactive content creation displaces the need for quality—generating a torrent of information about everything, in the hope that something will stand out among the noise. More

FOMO No More on Social Networks

Marion Michele Brown - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Has your fear of social media FOMO made you set up an account on more social media networks than you can possible manage? Take a deep breath! You don’t need to be on every social platform out there. You’re better off limiting yourself to two or three — the ones where your customers are — especially if you’re a small business owner who’s trying to manage it all yourself. This infographic — from Leverage New Age Media — breaks down the pros and cons of six major networks and gives some insights into the demographics of each of them. [Source: Shortstack]

The Newest Gmail Scam

Marion Michele Brown - Thursday, March 20, 2014

And it's hard to catch. [source: Huffington Post]
Warning: If you receive an email with the subject "Documents," and it directs you to a webpage that looks like a Google Drive sign-in page, do not enter your information. More

Effective Content & the Power of Persuasion

Marion Michele Brown - Friday, March 14, 2014

We've all heard the mantra most social media marketeers take to heart, "Content is King", and it makes sense. Content is what you're putting out into the digital world that is picked up by existing and potential customers and followers. Content is what people are reading, watching, sharing and liking; without it there wouldn't be anything to tweet about. 

In this blog post from Social Media Today, a new perspective is given to the "King" of the digital realm, content. After reading this, you'll be pausing before hitting any submit buttons to ask yourself this: is this going to change anyone's mind? More

Should You Send Auto-DM to Everyone Who Begins to Following You?

Marion Michele Brown - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

With the amount of following and unfollowing that goes on within the twitter-sphere it can be a little overwhelming to keep track of all new follows and their potential leads. It used to be common practice to send auto generated DM (direct message) people the instant you were able to (when you both followed each other). However, now these DM’s look a lot like spam, and for good reason; all those millions of unwanted DM’s basically ARE spam. This begs the question, should we stop using auto generated DM on twitter or are they still a powerful marketing tool that cannot be ignored?

Just like any question that has anything to do about social media, there are going to be supporters for both sides. Here is my breakdown of just how annoying and useful those auto generated twitter messages can be.  More

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