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How Facebook's Change in Click Bait Effects Marketers

LPC Admin - Thursday, August 28, 2014

Earlier this week Facebook announced there would be no more click bait. Basically, this means that they changed their News Feed algorithm that will change how brand content is distributed. And then marketers started freaking out. Overall, this can lead to a win-win situation. IF you take the time to understand what this means and how you should PROPERLY be using links on Facebook. This article from Jon Loomer does a great job of summing it up for us. Make sure to read the whole thing for more information on what click bait actually is (if you're still a little lost about the whole thing). Here, is what he had to say on how this will impact you, the marketer.   

Marketers tend to overreact whenever such news is announced. Let’s not get crazy here.

If you previously only shared links with a photo, you should consider changing this. It doesn’t mean the old method won’t reach anyone, but you should take a very close look at your metrics to determine what is and isn’t working for you.

It doesn’t mean you should stop sharing photos. I have a photographer friend who benefits from that extra real estate within News Feed to share his photos. He swears he gets better results all around when he shares photos with links in them. He should continue to do so, but he should also split test it against the way Facebook intends.

I have little sympathy for those who use click bait. Yes, it “works.” But as a user, it’s freaking deceiving and annoying. I’ve grown tired of seeing these titles in my News Feed and I’m glad Facebook is doing something about it.

End of the day, you need to provide value. You need to follow through on the promise you made with your share. And you need to make a user’s experience on Facebook better.

If you fail at that, you can expect that your content will be punished.

I’ve preached a very simple approach from Day 1: Share content that is helpful, educational or entertaining. Do not deceive. Do not prioritize posting method over the content. And do not chase an algorithm.

Those who follow these simple rules care very little about changes like the ones described above.

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