Facebook Business Page

Facebook Page Content:

You don’t need to be a big brand or have a big staff to get big-brand results on Facebook. And you don’t need a big-brand budget to have a big-brand worthy Facebook Page. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations can have it all on Facebook, too!

Your business wants the same things from your Facebook Pages as bigger brands: Lots of Likes and a really responsive and engaged community. When we create your Facebook page we give you more than a page. We can also build you the Facebook apps your business can use to really grow!

What We Do:

At Live Page Cafe we will set up and build you a solid Facebook page. We have an in-house graphic designer who can help create cover photos, profile pictures and photos for status updates so you can be sure that your business will be authentically represented.

Covering The Basics:

  1. Cover Photo: When someone first comes to your Facebook page, one of the first things they see is your Cover Photo, and if your cover photo is anything less than impressive your visitor will say so-long, good-bye to you.
  2. Profile Picture: Use your profile picture to compliment both your business and your selected cover photo. It okay to change your profile picture, but always keep your business’ authentic voice prominent.
  3. Photo Status Updates: When you are growing your presence on Facebook it is important to include eye catching graphics in your status updates. By doing so, you will attract more loyal fans from the very beginning. Make your photos natural-looking images that feature friendly human faces—users respond most to these types of images.
  4. App Thumbnails: Often the most neglected and definitely the most useful, apps on Facebook is a feature which allows you to create effective buttons that can be used to inform or bring a call to action. For these apps it’s important to set a thumbnail that is both eye catching and informative to those who are about to click on it.
  5. Facebook Advertisements: Although not essential, they are helpful in targeting a specific audience that you feel your business and content will resonate with best. This includes Facebook ads and promotional posts.
  6. Facebook Offers: Sponsoring an offer on Facebook is a great way to quickly let users know what specials you are promoting at any given time. Like the Facebook advertisements you can target specific groups, so your offer is going out to those who are more likely to take it!


Facebook App Creation:

One of the easiest ways a business can get the most out of its Facebook Page is to use apps. An app can be used to increase the visibility of a Page, contest or promotion. Plus, apps allow you to customize your Page and integrate all of your other marketing efforts on Facebook. The type of business you’re in will determine which apps are the most beneficial, but there are some that are pretty universally helpful.

Basic Apps You Can Have

  1. Newsletter app
  2. RSS Feed app
  3. Reservation/Appointment app
  4. Contact Us/Customer Support app
  5. Testimonial app
  6. Voting/Survey app
  7. Gallery app


Boost Fans Fast:

Drive up your fan count and increase engagement at the same time by creating custom apps with a fan-gated contest. Serve non-fans a message that tells them about the prize, but inform them that they have to Like your page to be eligible to enter. Once the non-fan clicks Like, present an entry submission form that collects your targeted user data, such as an email address or phone number.

Grow Your Email Lists:

  1. Create email opt-in form:
    One of the easiest ways to encourage your Facebook followers to become email subscribers is to have an opt-in form that lives on your Facebook Page.
  2. Host a contest
    Hosting a Facebook contest that requires an email opt-in is an awesome way to engage. with your fans while acquiring valuable user information.
  3. Promote exclusive content:
    If your business has created special content such as eBooks, PDF goodies, infographics, videos or even podcasts, a Facebook app that requires an email address and Liking of your Page in order for users to access your exclusive content.

Entertain and Engage:

Brands sometimes forget that people log in to Facebook to be entertained, share opinions about things they’re passionate about and find interesting content. So when it comes to running a promotion on Facebook or creating an app, keeping your fans’ best interests at heart will ultimately bring value to your business.

Here are five just-for-fun apps that your fans will love that will give you an idea of what we can create for you!

  1. Guessing app
    People love guessing games, and Facebook is the perfect platform to let your fans guess something unusual or interesting about your company.
  2. Countdown App
    Is your company close to hitting a milestone or goal? Let your fans in on the excitement by building an app that lets them countdown to reaching the goal along with you.
  3. Like-drive app
    Many nonprofits rely on sponsor donations to keep them up and running. Although receiving a one-lumpsum cash donation is great, there are other donation options that could potentially be more beneficial to your nonprofit.
  4. Crowdsourcing app
    Essentially, crowdsourcing is asking your community of users to offer their suggestions for how you might solve a problem or address an issue. Your fans’ opinions of your business are invaluable, and your fans are usually willing to give their opinions for free.
  5. Photo contest app
    Photo contests is the most popular Facebook promotional tool. So it’s wise to use it! With a photo contest, fans have the ability to upload photos directly to your app and vote for their favorite photos.